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Scenic spots

Loudi massiness culture,The talents。Eminence as“God of war”One of the three common ancestor of the Chinese nation the human-god home,Is one of the main birthplace of hunan culture,Picturesque scenery in hole,Natural human landscape to reflect,Meishan dragon palace、Zeng guofan's former residence、Purple magpie terraces、Mai jiang four state-level national geological park4AScenic spots,Is has a unique new tourist destination。

Folk culture

Meishan culture initially presented as a village shamanistic culture,Is the ancient meishan people explain、The conquest of nature and vivid record of the social life。In their eyes,Zi river rushing waters,The clouds around the trees gao soil,Are haunted by the gods,Ancestor of ancient mythology and singular legend,Seems to have the truth of reality and fascinating mystery。

Loudi celebrity

  Loudi is a treasure place for celebrities and heroes。Qing xianfeng、Stagnation period,This bimodal county man xiang zeng guofan organization,Suppression of the taiping heavenly kingdom,Be in late qing dynasty。Qing guangxu years,Xinhua old democratic revolution pioneer tian-hua Chen wrote《Fierce look back》、《JingShiZhong》,Is called“Revolution big literary giant”。1921Years,CAI he-sen bases his bimodal county people work-study program in France,China's socialist youth league organization,Has been in the central committee of the communist party of China brought back home..

Antimony all around the world

  Lengshuijiang city is located in the central hunan,The water,Belonging to loudi,Lengshuijiang city of xikuangshan antimony deposit in1897In the formal mining,1908Years of antimony production has accounted for half of the world,The antimony ore field has four large ore deposit,After mining in one hundred,Still have reserves40Ten thousand tons,Known as“Antimony all around the world”The laudatory name。 

Food culture

  Xinhua diet culture with local characteristics of loudi diet custom,Miao、Yao、Preserved in dong nationality such as many eating customs and have the innovation and development。Groceries、Like spicy、Good acid、Strong taste、Love it(Lively)Is the characteristic of hunan food culture,Loudi“Eat in xinhua”The praise,While the xinhua“Ten meat”、“Ten”、“Ten drinks”Famous。

  • Bear mountain scenic spot
  • Mae river scenic area
  • Meishan dragon palace
  • Purple magpie terraces
  • Zeng guofan's former residence
  • Hunan meishan culture research committee to attend“2016In hunan province·Meishan culture”Seminar
  • Top erhu players to swallow the erhu art
  • Hunan loudi:A culture“Rich ore”
  • Loudi:The anti-corruption novels publishing history《Burning car empire Xie Zhending》
  • “Loudi characteristics”Changsha opera of the innovation
  • Zeng guofan - One of the four big together in late qing dynasty
  • Zeng Guoquan
  • Deng Xianhe
  • Luo shengjiao
  • Tian-hua Chen-China's modern democratic revolutionary
  • “Antimony all around the world”Xikuangshan:Kind of ten thousand mu“Resistance to forest”
  • The world antimony at hunan loudi seven issue for changing To explore the transformation of resources city
  • Cold water river:More measures also is given“Antimony”Green water castle peak
  • The world antimony new look
  • Gen“Antimony all around the world”
  • Native bead mei
  • South flour food
  • The meishan triad soup
  • Rich Tian Qiao tofu
  • Purple magpie kongmy
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