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WeChat name call old friends
How would you explain
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I am very handsome slicked back
Shandong pancake fruit,Henan stewed noodles,Sichuan hot pot and hot peppers,The northeast stew,Shaanxi liangpi meat clip buns! What is your hometown???
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XiangCheng_Their arrival
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Laughing and won't cry
The woman said:“I went to take a bath”,Wise men don't answer“Well”“Oh”!So what will answer?
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2019-09-19 18:03:04
Pipi spiderman32963443
Perhaps,Every father is the Monkey King
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Fart friends choose one you want to have superpowers1 Wolverine and death。Heal quickly,Almost impossible to be killed。2Switch the actual form。(Nothing attack any form but want to switch to a entity to attack)3《Tomorrow's edge》In the men's abilities(After the death of reset time to wake up in the morning the day before yesterday。Similar to the game)4xThe ability of Dr(Sense of control)5The once-ler(Metals are belongs to me)6Little naughty ability(Met who will be the ability to absorb part of the man。Touch a long time may put to death。I guess no one will choose this ability,You know)7Some destruction is ability such as foo fire laser eye one eyed person8Chrono transformation ability(Can be shown to the places they want to go,Global tourism need not spend money ha ha ha)9Steelers(Real men is hard enough,The power of the hydraulic press of steel body)10Static space and time(The time to stop for a while,Your can move freely)11Stealth(If it's no use,But it seems a little bit)Can only choose one,If choose all want is selected6Number of ability
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Today, a little cute
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Jiangxi Zhao Tai
Watch out,This kind of clay idol is too empty!
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Her smile is very beautiful
I where missing link?
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Pipi spiderman6174173
This afternoon in guangzhou street met Edison Chen,I shouted down at Chen!Also quietly came back after he heard the wordshello。I said can close Zhang Ying?He nodded。Finished, he said:Long time no see。I am very confused said:Ah?Then he said:Sorry I thought you were a may bark up the wrong Daniel wu…
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Male modern hospital doctor wang
Heard that qin perish,The Great Wall and three hundred thousand qin,Lingnan and five hundred thousand。
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Always being used
A new generation of black science and technology
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The vast north sea
Counting unit in the order!A、Ten、The best、Qian、Wan、Thousands、Millions、Be sure、Hundred million、Billion、Billions、Billions、Trillion、10 MB、MB、Gigabit、Beijing、10 in Beijing、The Beijing、Qian jing、Note、Ten note、The note、Note、Zi、Ten Zi!!!!!No trillions of the unit!Don't be perpetuated this misunderstanding。
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Pipi spiderman32497827
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Shaoguan peng1Number
Today received a phone call from one fraud“Hello!I am a qin shi huang,To play5000Give me money,Will give you a general!”I:“What thing you the Terra Cotta Warriors so much,Sell a casually,Several million,Also with my it to borrow money!…”!!The phone☎The voice which spread beeping!!
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Your dear old pro
Ever met on the train so no quality people。
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Big fat fat
About a female net friend meet that day,Place a park,Sparsely populated as the morning。  The time when he discovers suddenly have a stomachache。  Cursing unscrupulous stalls selling Fried dough sticks,Continue to endure。  It hurt。  A lot of pain。  Quite painful。  Jerky first go to the bathroom。  After the bombardment,As one of the great immediately,Touch the pocket froze:Do not take toilet paper。  Will someone come to zhang is。  So, etc。  Is not in twenty minutes。  During the late autumn,Bathroom ventilation is good,Just came in really great,Now but profoundly feel the wind blows bottom cool pain。  To endure!  Such as the net friend some time,Stand exhausted,When just squat down really pleasing,Now but profoundly feel legs hemp cold pain pain。  To endure!  Rhinitis just today,Into the toilet smell bad smell is very happy for his nose to restore the sense of smell and for a moment,Now but profoundly feel severe poisoning of the lungs。  To endure!  The park visitors are scarce,Came rather satisfied his place is due to the the date,Now I this heart is stir cool stir cool。  The last straw,Dial the phone,Call for reinforcements,Through。  Such an embarrassing thing always cannot directly toward the friend speak very explicit?So we start to chat from the weather,To the outside of the Iraq war to the reproduction process of hippocampus to the life of the planet。 Said to the emperor I finally find opportunities to look like,So the lips shy unceasingly:That one,I。。。。。 Mobile phone spread joy of music,No electricity automatically shut down。  I finally be silly。  And so on!  I've been waiting。  No one there。  I suddenly have a kind of want to cry feeling。  Fortunately, this time footsteps from outside the toilet,My spirits,Day, never shuts one door but he opens another,People have a sensitized,Cross the bridge when you come to it。。。。。。  I'm sure my mind is nimble。  In that person just came in my strength inside the dark luck with deep and powerful baritone call way:Brother,Zhang zhi3 forgot the paper。  The man cried an electric shock:How is the men's room?  Next to chant buddhist scripture general bowed their heads and walk back:I'm sorry I'm sorry wrong wrong。  Turned out to be a woman at the wrong gate!  A man in the most vulnerable cases was seen by a woman!  Indignation。  But after ten seconds I just know I was wrong。  I should not be pessimistic。  Ten seconds after the woman cried out again:I didn't go wrong,How wouldn't have a man in the inside?!  Red,One layer add color on my face,Tears filled my eyes。  So solemn and stirring scene,Do you want to also can think out。  At this time of rational remaining in the heart to tell me:Opportunity,Fleeting,If you don't catch,Huge pain on the body to continue。  I am hoarse throat way:Miss,Throwing paper in,thank yo!  After the great pain of the soul are the past,You will find,Shameless exactly is also a kind of liberation。  After the meeting,Just bought a newspaper gently thrown in。  I held on to the paper,Tightly hold tightly。  Then rubbing it by hand,With an evil heart language lambasting the editorial board of this newspaper!  The paper, which is usually ordinary paper,The issue of today is its 20th anniversary,All newspapers are 16 open copperplate printing hard paper!  Gentleness comfort again while bringing up pants oneself:Fortunately, less people today,Throw a person also however know of only one woman,And it is not know!  Unfortunately the sadness。  Out of the toilet suddenly found outside Boyle has brought together a large group of morning exercises,The crowd in front of a girl is carefully explained:Dear aunt,Wait a minute,Inside a man go wrong,And don't have paper,Later in,It's nearly ready。。。。。。  Just I confidently walk out。  When all eyes are on me,I suddenly have a feeling of million arrow wear heart。  I choked out the said to the girl:Thank yo,thank yo,thank yo。。。。  The girl magnanimous to a wave of his hand:That's ok,A piece of cake。  When he left the girl suddenly stopped me!You don't is xiao Ming?How you dress and my that netizens described~  I :.。。。。。I am not bottom go to。。。。
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Pipi spiderman31903557
Two types of men,You are……
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Pipi spiderman11975330
Just saw a small selling cherries on the street,The pedlar clap breast said scales are all right,He picked up his owniPhoneXTo the vendor on a throw,Immediately show the weight270G。 The peddler's white face brush……
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