Open a shop the eight support

Site support,Decorate a support,Training support,Device support,Supply support,Operation support,Security support,Open a shop。Depend on net sweet garden brand mature business model,And based on the support and service system of league,To reduce the blindness of investment,Reduce the risk of the investment。

Six standardized output in store

Standardized open a shop,Standardized operation,Standardization technology,Standardized decoration,Standardization training,Standardized operation,To use20Years of experience in successfully set up shop to help franchisees can more worry,Saving the open shop,The fool,The whole shop output,Copying model shop successfully。

A strong supply chain

The main raw material,Adopt bright food corporation unified distribution,Net sweet garden commitment to continue to follow the chain operation“Eight is unified”And tracking services under the system of social management,Please supervise the consumers。

Choose a brand of word of mouth with strength to run,Will save for you,Technical problems,Equipment problem,Management issues,Propaganda,Customer recognition problem,Let you no longer feel confused for investment in the industry。For you to create a one-stop brand business philosophy really small investment big rewards entrepreneurial opportunities。

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After waiting for franchisees choose a good store location,Company will please professional catering shops designer according to the actual situation of the shop to provide details of the decorate plan、Design、The construction layout, etc,And by the relevant person in charge of division within the one-on-one stores on-the-spot guidance。

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